Awards & Scholarship

The following Scholarship are awarded each Academic year to the students to encourage them and to promote in them the values of good sportsmanship, good academic achievements including a positive attitude toward life.

The Scholarships are:

  1. Shakti Uniyal Scholarship
    1. Best Overall Student from Class – XI – Rs 1000.00
    2. Best in Acedemics from Class – X (Board Examination) – Rs. 1000.00
    3. Best in Games & Co- Curricular activities from Class IX to XII- Rs. 1000.00(Each)
  2. Jagan Nath Prasad Memorial Scholarship/Award
    1. Securing Highest Marks in Class XII (Science) – Rs.2000.00
    2. Securing Highest Marks in Class XII (Commerce) – Rs.2000.00
    3. Securing Highest Marks in Class XI (Science) – Rs.2000.00
    4. Securing Highest Marks in Class X – Rs.2000.00
  3. Naman Awards of Excellence
    1. Best All Rounder From Class – XI – Rs. 2500.00
    2. Best in Academics from Class – XI – Rs.2500.00
    3. Special Awards
      1. Outstanding contribution to the school – Rs. 2500.00
      2. Talent Promotion – Rs. 2500.00
      3. Best in Co-curricular activities XI-XII– Rs. 2500.00
  4. Asha Memorial
    1. Best All Rounder from Class – IX – Rs. 1000.00
    2. Best in Academics from Class – IX – Rs. 1000.00
    3. Best All Rounder from Class – V – Rs. 1000.00
    4. Best Article of a student in Annual magazine Vision (Hindi & English)– Rs.2000.00
  5. Maj Gen Bedi Award
    A total of Rs. 108351.00 will be paid for the award.
    Rs. 5500.00 to the widow through cheque before the start of the new session to enable her to procure the books for the new session.
    Rs. 5335.00 through cheque is given on account of fee and Annual Charges.
  6. Lt Col RK Aggarwal Award
    1. For student of Class XII,possessing a strong moral character with an intrinsic spirit of sevice.- Rs1000
  7. Manav Nair Memorial Award
    1. Manav Award of Excellence in Class – XI – Rs.2000.00
  8. George Award of Excellencene) in Class-XI (Humanities) – Rs.2000.00
  9. M.R. Pandey Award – Rs.5000
    1. Best overall student of Excellence from Class-XI or Class-XII(any stream)
    2. For the wards of single mothers or needy child so as to inculcate positive human values & a competitive spirit in the life of students.
  10. Brig. M.V. Valladeress Award
    For the wards of serving/retired/deceased JCO/OR of Bengal Sapper

    1. Securing 10 CGPA in Class X (Three) – Rs.1000.00
    2. Securing Highest Percentage in Class XII (Two) – Rs.2000.0
  11.  Aditya Nath Award
    1.  Best All Rounder of the School- Rs 500
    2. Best Sportsman of the School – Rs 500
  12. INIFD Award for excellence in creative talent – Rs 1000 each(for three students)
  13. Krishna Malik Award for Academic Excellence for the students of primary wing -02(01 Boy & 01 Girl)
  14. Lt.Col. R.R.Malik Award for all round distinction
  15.        For the students of middle wing–02(01 Boy & 01 Girl)   
  16.        For the students of senior wing–02(01 Boy & 01 Girl)
  17.   APSAAR  AWARDS FOR DISTINCTION(four students in each category)
    • BEST WIZ-KID/QUIZ WIZARD—Rs. 1000.00(Each)
    • BEST ORATOR— Rs. 1000.00(Each)
    • FOR SERVICE ABOVE SELF— Rs. 1000.00(Each)
    • FOR EXEMPLARY CONDUCT— Rs. 1000.00(Each)
  18.  APSAAR FOUNDATION AWARD- 10th, 11th& 12th current batch students- Rs 10,000 cash award